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Beverley Dondale is the visionary, driver and founder of Malahat Film Studios.

Beverley Dondale has owned a vacation rental company serving accommodation needs for below-the-line crew, producers, A-level talent for almost 20 years. Her understanding of Vancouver Island, as well as her connections with realtors and trades people, meant she was able to creatively and quickly prep space for productions such as office, workshops and wardrobe. It was only time before production coordinators and producers started asking her to work on their films. She worked in locations, production offices, accounting and art departments, including clearances and product placement. Soon, she started renting office equipment, and location and wardrobe kits to productions to help them divert waste from the landfill. From here, she was invited to work for the Victoria Film Commission and was responsible for maintaining the locations database, organizing fundraising events, location scouting and more.

Over the past 5 years she has resolved the logistical problems that come with filming on Vancouver Island. This led to Beverley envisioning a new production centre and she has brought the team together that will create a world-class film studio. She is partnering with NiQ Studios Design and Malahat Nation on the project and recently completed its feasibility study.

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In alignment with its economic development goals, Malahat Nation is a business partner in the studio as well as the landowner. Beyond a business partnership, the project will offer diverse opportunities to community members directly. The development of infrastructure within the Malahat Lands is essential to enable the operations of Malahat Film Studios. Qualified planners, project managers, and tradespeople will be required for infrastructure and construction of the project, and Malahat tradespeople will be prioritized in the hiring process. The project will create a number of ancillary needs that can be fulfilled by Malahat’s future economic development plans, fuel services, transportation, accommodations, and additional hospitality. Malahat members will be targeted for training and long-term careers in film production, expanding high-paying job opportunities, including those applying advancing technology and other modern technical skills.

Acknowledging the importance of Malahat Nation’s emphasis on community, Malahat film Studios aims to support a number of values identified throughout Malahat Nation’s Comprehensive Community Plan, including:

  • Community Growth
  • Community Services
  • Empowerment and Leadership
  • Cultural Respect
NiQ Studios Design

Nico Dekker has been working in the capacity of CEO for Cape Town Film Studios for the past 13 years. His reputation as a studio developer, designer and manager is built on his ability to understand the requirements of large-scale productions and projects. He has repeatedly created innovative and cost-effective solutions, helping to provide more value for money on the screen than anywhere else in the world. He has a proven track record for the functional and cutting-edge design of film studios, at a lower cost than comparable studios worldwide. This, as well as his ground-breaking and visionary management style, is what sets him apart from most studio developers, managers and designers.