Malahat Film Studios (MFS) will be the first world-class, custom-built, sustainably-minded film studio. Located on Vancouver Island, MFS will include an accompanying industrial park, shopping village, parks, picnic areas and hotel.

Championed by both provincial and local government, and broadly supported by the film Industry MFS is committed to creating a safe, sustainable and diverse workplace.

We will:

  • minimize our environmental impact in all our facilities,
  • focus our efforts on decarbonization and circularity
  • engage and empower our crews/employees to enable and sustain a greener film industry.

To this end, transparency will be our guide. We will highlight our progress through regular reporting on our energy use, renewable energy composition, water consumption and waste diversion.

Our commitment is to achieve a zero environmental footprint across our 80-acre campus including our industrial park, shopping village and hotel.

  • Use 100% renewable energy,
  • Consume only the energy we need,
  • Eliminate single use plastics,
  • Achieve zero waste annually,
  • Explore, adapt and adopt new sustainable film practices as they emerge.