Do You Work in the film industry on Vancouver Island?

We’ve had a great response from our survey!

This survey is going beyond what we did in the feasibility where we looked at the BC film industry, tax credits, unions, wages, education etc. This survey is about you!

In 1978 the BC Provincial Government partnered to design and grow our industry, and grow it has! The last survey you helped us with, was all about “Key Finding” – investing in quality crew, sustainable crew, enhanced data collection and exploring opportunities and alliances.

This time, we need your help to show our capital partners that we have real people, in real positions, and years of experience in the film industry who live on Vancouver Island.
We need to go beyond pretty graphs! We need people who live on Vancouver Island or CAN work as a local on Vancouver Island.

Once again, thank you for your help pushing this amazing studio forward. Not much farther to go!
Contact me at to get the link. Remember, by completing the survey you are giving us permission to use your name.
Thanks for your help!