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We created a profit-based package that productions will find hard to refuse!

Vancouver Island is home to breathtaking views and diverse locations, and we also have excellent tax credits, an attractive exchange rate, and incredible crew!

Additionally, we have also developed sustainability incentives with tax receipts and savings to benefit productions directly. Our Green Manager, Eco PA or DIY and Green Kits will provide the right fit for each production, bringing in a new era of sustainable practices in the film industry.


Building relationships and partnerships with companies will provide unique ways for us to network, schedule projects, and see real-time availability of Vancouver Island based crew.

The app will allow us to provide important local information, regional filming details and specifics on locations to prepare productions before they arrive.

Useful information such as nearby areas for base camp, truck parking, local catering companies, and trailer rentals will be easily accessible all in one place.  The app will address possible noise issues or other negative features that need to be avoided during shooting, accessibility and navigable roads leading up to the locations, plus much more.  These location particulars will help make planning straight forward and enable productions to do their own tech surveys to determine the needs of heavy equipment, supplies and cables required long before they arrive.

Our motivation is to help productions find ways to be more efficient and ultimately, save money!

Our first partner has already created an app for us that shows where productions are spending money in real-time, allocating budgets by department. More details to come!


Alpha Select Production Services Inc. has a passion to create a circular economy that proposes rethinking how we look at film production.

Collaborating between industries to make use of each other’s resources and waste has motivated our strategy around zero-waste. We are committed to education, training and writing to engage resources, recruiting and screening for Green Manager candidates.  This also influences how we prepare and train them.

Our method of sourcing and tracking equipment for our zero-waste program, organizing material recovery, and coordinating material donations and recycling will save every department time and money.

We will procure partner vendors by coordinating logistics and sourcing sustainable products while providing additional discounts to benefit productions.

We want to inspire, teach, and learn by collecting stats. We feel it is important to collect and analyze data, then report and share our findings!  It is all about understanding what we are doing well, and how we can improve our practices.

Vancouver Island

We are ready for you! We are currently looking for location-based productions that have all funds raised. We can facilitate your production, today!